So Frenchy So Chic 2017

17 Jan 2017

@findingfemme at So Frenchy So Chic wearing yellow floral ASOS dress and straw boater

Last weekend was my favourite festival of the year: So Frenchy So Chic. This year our group expanded again. I was lucky enough to have two of my besties there this time, as well as my family and some people who make for really pleasant company and interesting conversation. Because my sister has a baby, instead of hanging out close to the music, we normally move somewhere to the outskirts of the festivities, set up a picnic and listen to the tunes from afar.

The Black Swan

12 Jan 2017

Swans are possibly the most terrifying creatures on this planet. They have a snake for a neck and large crazy wings which they use to intimidate anything that looks at their evil red eyes the wrong way. Australia is mostly about them black swans. Ballarat is ALL about them. When Napoleon originally came to Victoria (before the Brits claimed it and called it Victoria) he found black swans, which he successfully took home for his wife. What a gift! I mean, after months at sea, I'm sure the swans got off that ship like 'yeah, had a pleasant journey, so pleased to be here'. I'm sure it was a romantic exchange, like, 'here dear wifey Josephine, pls accept this gift of the devil incarnated as a bird.' All I can imagine is Napoleon being like 'pls don't be mad' and then an oblivion gate opening up and the swans coming out with their ruby red eyes, blood still dripping from their beaks and her looking at him with flat disapproval as they reign terror down on the surrounding crowd. Her words 'this is why you can't have nice things, Napoleon,' the only thing audible over the screeching death cries.

Year in Review - My 12 Best Posts of 2016

10 Jan 2017

Every January I look over my posts for the year and decide which ones I like best. It's always a tough decision knowing whether or not to rank them based on how many views they have or how much I personally like them. At first glance, it might seem like choosing my most popular posts based on how many views they get would put an end to it, but my blog views have grown so much in the past 12 months that comparing posts from December to posts in January would mean that the most mediocre December post would have more views than some of my favourite outfits from earlier in the year. Sometimes, a picture from a post will go viral on Pinterest, making its views sky rocket. This means that outfits I think might be better are overshadowed by a post simply because it has had greater reach. So for this year, I decided I would instead rank them in order my own on preference.

Salt, Sand and Sugar

4 Jan 2017

Today's post has so many photos in it! That's because over the Christmas and New Year break I have a beach holiday with my family where I take time away from my blog and from social media. Instead of creating new content, I will lurk and like other people's things. I'll also spend a week in a run down beach house with my favourite people. We do jigsaw puzzles and eat nachos and read books.

Kicking Off My Holidays

21 Dec 2016

@findingfemme does a beach pamper day with some products from The Body Shop

I've just had my last ever day of work for the year. It's been one heck of a stressful year for me so I decided to take some extra leave and take time off work. For my first day of holidays, I hung out with some of my favourite people in the whole world and wound down ready for the break with a trip to the beach and some pampering using some home spa products I got from The Body Shop.
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